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Mid-South Sports
Shreveport, LA Promoter:
Shane Morly
Gil Culkin & George Gulkin

North American Heavyweight:
The Spoiler

Mid-South Tag Team: Baron Von Raske and Killer Karl Krupp

Mississippi Heavyweight:
Bob Orton, Jr.

Louisiana Heavyweight:
Mike George

Web Master:
Buddy Huggins

Next Big Show December 3rd

Last Months, Was A Super Show!
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Here's the results:


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from: Grey Ghost

Good Evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to Shreveport, Louisiana for
another exciting night of Mid South Wrestling. Six big matches on the card,
including two title matches. Mike George defends his Louisiana Heavyweight
Title against a Mystery Man. This may be the new recruit Skandar Akbar
mentioned in certain comments made yesterday, but we don't know for sure. In
the main event, The Spoiler will defend his North American Heavyweight Title
against the challenge of Cowboy Bill Watts. Lots of bad blood between those
two, and the winner of the match will face WCFL Champion Dusty Rhodes next
week in Jackson, MS at the Fairgrounds Colliseum. Let's go right to the ring
for our first match.
This match is a rematch from a couple weeks ago, pitting Count Scicluna, who
still has plenty of 8x10 color photographs available for sale at very
reasonable prices, against popular youngster Rick Youngblood. Both men have
had a tough time here in Mid South, but last time they met, Youngblood got
the win, so Scicluna is out for revenge! One fall, with a 15 minute time
limit. James Beard calls for the bell, and we're underway. Collar & elbow
tie-up, into a side headlock by Youngblood. He's really cranking the
pressure on the head & neck of Scicluna, but Scicluna pulls the hair.
Shortcut, but a sucessful one, as the referee didn't see the infraction.
Scicluna pushing the advantage now, stomping away at Youngblood. Both men
into the ropes, and James Beard calls for the break. Cheap shot on the break
by Scicluna. This man is showing a lot more intensity than we've seen from
him in the past. He's battering Youngblood with those "German Uppercut"
forearms. Youngblood firing back now, with the openhand chops to the chest.
Driving his man into the ropes, Youngblood whips him across the ring,
dropkick! Youngblood planted that one right on the button. Scicluna back to
his feet, Youngblood charging in, big knee to the midsection! Scicluna is
gesturing for that German Claw! He's got it! Right in the middle of the
ring! There's nowhere for Youngblood to go. Scicluna takes Youngblood down
to the canvas. His shoulders are down....1----2----3! Count Scicluna just
won his first match here in Mid South! The crowd isn't sure what to think,
but Scicluna is jumping around the ring, you'd think he'd just won the world
title or something. James Beard raises his hand, so it is official. Scicluna
wins the match by pinfall in 7:30 seconds.

Our next match is ready to go, with Igor Volkoff, the big Russian in the
ring to face the man coming to the ring now, to the sound of "Another One
bites the Dust", by Queen...this is JUNKYARD DOG! The crowd loves the Dog!
Jerry Usher is your referee, and he's called for the bell...but Volkoff
launches a sneak attack, nailing JYD in the corner before the bell rings! I
was going to say this match is one fall, with a 20 minute timelimit. Volkoff
is all over the Dog early in this one. Pounding JYD in that corner, he's
setting him up for something. It looks like he's going for some type of
bulldog manuever, but JYD powers him off! JYD is howling, and the fans here
in Shreveport love it! Volkoff may have made a mistake by getting the Dog
mad. JYD taking over on Volkoff, firing away with those "big soupbones".
Jerry Usher warning JYD to keep the fists open. Volkoff takes advantage, and
drives JYD to the mat with a single leg takedown, stretching those leg
muscles, but JYD is in the ropes. Volkoff charges in, but JYD cathces him
with a backdrop, up and over the top rope to the floor. That's a judgment
call, and Jerry Usher has ruled that the match will continue. JYD follows
Volkoff out to the floor, and both men are toe to toe, trading punches.
Blocked! JYD blocked the punch from Volkoff! Clothesline! Volkoff is down,
but JYD scoops him up, and rolls him back into the ring. Volkoff back to his
feet, trying to catch JYD coming through the ropes, but the Dog is ready for
him. Shoulderblock staggers the big Russian. JYD sends Volkodd into the
ropes, catches him on the rebound....scoops him up.....BIG THUMP! JYD hooks
the leg, 1----2-----3! Your winner, by pinfall in 12:45, Junkyard Dog!

Allright fans, you all know the story on this next match. Bob Orton, Jr.,
interfered in a strap match between Robley & Mantell, then Robley beat
Mantell and ran him out of Mid South. Orton then beat Robley in a
controversial match, there's been taunting on both sides, and just last
week, we learned that there may be some understanding between The Spoiler
and Bob Orton, Jr. That brings us up to date for tonight's match between
Robley & Orton. Both men have their fists taped, and punches are legal in
this match. The match can end by pinfall, submission, or knockout. 1 Fall,
with a 30 minute time limit. James Beard calls for the bell, and it's on!
These two really don't like each other, and they're going at it right in the
middle of the ring. ORton rocks Robley, sends him into the ropes, drops
down...leg-trip, and Orton is working the knee of Robley. Robley with a
greco-roman thumb to the eye breaks the hold. Back to his feet, Robley is
pulling at that arm brace he wears...and Orton is pointing at the brace. He
wants James Beard to check Robley's brace. Robley is agreeable, but Orton
blindsides him. Orton is talented enough that he doesn't need the shortcuts,
but he uses them because he likes the hatred of the crowd. Orton with the
deep arm drag, and a viscous stomp to the kidneys. Robley is hurting! Orton
smells blood now, and he's moving in for the kill. Adopting a boxer's
stance, Orton is hammering Robley. Left jab, Right cross....Robley ducks the
left hook! Spins his man around, Atomic Kneedrop! Orton we'll feel that one
all the way up his spine! Robley's been busted open. He doesn't care! It's
payback time! Robley blasts Orton, sending him staggering back to the
corner. Robley charges in, but Orton steps aside, and Robley rammed his
shoulder into that steel ringpost. Orton drags Robley out by the hair, he's
setting him up for that piledriver! Robley fights his way out of it. The
crowd is really behind Robley now! Robley sends his man into the ropes,
sidestep.....SLEEPER! Buck Robley has that sleeper hold locked in, right in
the middle of the ring. The man is maniacal! Look at him, laughing with
delight as his own blood pours down his face! Orton is down to the canvas.
James beard checking the arm. He lifts it, it falls. Lifting Orton's arm
again, it falls. The third time...and the arm falls!
Buck Robley is your winner by...um...well...wait a minute here....James
Beard is giving ORton a 10 count...7---8---9---10! That's it. Your winner by
knockout, Col. Buck Robley! Time of the match was 23:17.

Wrestling fans, we'll be right back after these commercial messages.

We're back, and ready for our next match. This is a special challenge Tag
Team Match, as Jose Lothario & El Fantastico wait in the ring. "Wanted: Dead
or Alive" is the song that means The Long Riders are on their way to the
ring. As far as I know, Lothario & Fantastico have never teamed before, but
they made the challenge, and here come Scott & Bill Irwin, and they aren't
waiting for the bell! A flurry of punches from Lothario, a dropkick from
Fantastico, and The Long Riders have bailed out of the ring! 1 fall, with a
30 minute time limit, Jerry Usher calls for the bell. It's going to be El
Fantastico starting the match against "Wild" Bill Irwin. Irwin has a size
advantage, but this masked man from Mexico is fast! Fantastico uses his
speed to befuddle Irwin, stinging him with that open hand chop, then ducking
away...dropkick! Irwin is staggered, and El Fantastico is climbing IRwin
like a tree! What's he going to do here! Oh, my! I think they call that move
a hunacarrana, or something like that. Whatever they call it, Irwin sure
felt it, as Fantastico flips him across the ring. Fantastico tags out to
Lothario, and "Super Sock" goes after Bill Irwin. Irwin begs off, Lothario
looks to the fans for encouragement. The fans say "YES", and Lothario rocks
Bill Irwin with a closed fist. Jerry Usher with the warning, as Irwin rubs
his jaw. Bill tags in his brother Scott "Hawg" Irwin. Bill's a big man, but
Scott is even bigger. 300 pounds is what it says in the program, but it
looks like maybe Scott weighed in before his last meal. Hip Toss on the big
man, as Lothario takes him down. Back to his feet, and Irwin covers his
ears. He doesn't like the cheers for Lothario. He's going for a collar &
elbow tie-up, but Lothario trys to slip away...right into a left knee to the
rib cage. Scott Irwin pressing the advantage now, using his power to slam
Lothario, followed by the Irwin Leg Drop. Lazy cover by Scott Irwin, but
Lothario kicks out at 1. Into the ropes....Gorilla Press Slam! Scott Irwin
presses Lothario over his head, and slams him to the canvas. He drags
Lothario over to the wrong side of town, and tags in Bill Irwin. Here comes
El Fantastico, but Jerry Usher cuts him off. Double team by the Irwins, as
Bill holds Lothario while Scott lays in those heavy boots. Jerry Usher gets
Fantastico out of the ring, and it's back to one on one, but the damage has
been done. Body Slam! Bill Irwin picks Lothario up by the hair, and hooks
the arm...Standing Suplex! Lothario is dazed! Somehow he's back on his feet,
but he doesn't know where he is! Swinging wildly, Irwin backs away just
enough, Lothario dives to his corner, and Makes The Tag! El Fantastico hops
over the top rope, and he's taking it to Bill Irwin. Jose Lothario is still
in the ring. Jerry Usher over to check on him, but Lotahrio rolls off the
apron to the floor. El Fantastico is on fire! A Dropkick for Bill Irwin! A
Dropkick for Scott Irwin! OH! Clothesline from behind by Bill Irwin. He's
setting El Fantastico up on the top turnbuckle. This doesn't look good. Jose
Lothario trying desperately to break it up, but Scott Irwin knocks Lothario
back to the floor. Bill Irwin has the arm hooked....SUPERPLEX! It's over.
Nobody gets up from that move. Bill Irwin with the lazy cover...not even
bothering to hook the leg...1----2-----3!
The Long Riders win the match with the Superplex in 19:10.

The Louisiana Heavyweight Title is on the line in ur next match. Champion
Mike George is in the ring, waiting for his myster challenger. I do
see...something...coming to the ring. Whoever, or whatever that is, it's
covered from head to toe in some sort of monk's robe. I'm going to assume
that's a man, but I don't have a clue who it is as he climbs through the
ropes. Hr lifts the hood...WAIT A MINUTE! I know that man....That is Jumbo
Tsuruta! A master mat technician, but he's got a sadistic streak, too. Most
recently appearing in the St. Louis area, this man is known and feared all
over the world. 1 fall, 45 minute time limit, James Beard your referee, and
there's the bell. Interesting contrast in physique, and Tsuruta is tall and
sinewy, with excellent tendon strength. Mike George is shorter, with a more
traditional wrestler's body. George may have a power advantage, but Tsuruta
has leverage. Fireman's carry takedown, and George has the top wristlock on
Jumbo. Tsuruta stretches that long leg, and reaches the rope. James Beard
breaks the hold. Double leg takedown, and Jumbo is working the leg on Mike
George. He's applied what looks like an asian nervehold, right behind the
knee, and Mike George is in a lot of pain right now. Leg Scissor reversal,
and now George has the upper hand on Tsuruta. He's clamping down with those
powerful leg muscles, squeezing the oxygen out of Tsuruta. George rolls to
his left, Jumbo's shoulders are on the mat...1---2----kickout! Jumbo Tsuruta
almost got pinned. Turning into his man, Jumbo is looking for a way out
here. George grabs his waist...mini-piledriver! Jumbo falls to the mat, and
Mike George is not releasing that hold. They're in the middle of the ring,
and again Suruta is trying the headstand escape...no wait...he powers into a
forward roll, George is pinned! 1----2----POWEROUT! Mike George barely
kicked out. Jumbo Tsuruta was inches away from winning the title in his very
first match! Both men back to their feet, perhaps each with a new respect
for the other now. Mike George wants the test of strength. Jumbo's going to
take him up on it...OH....front snapkick to the lower abdomen by Tsuruta.
Moves in quickly, belly-to-belly suplex! Covers his man, 1-----Kickout! Mike
George taken down for another near fall, and Jumbo is back on the attack.
Full arm drag and twist, into a hammerlock, forward leg trip, and Tsuruta
with the ride, making George carry both men's weight, and twisting away with
that hammerlock. George is dragging himself over to the ropes, Jumbo
releases the Hammerlock, and goes for the choke! Rear naked choke on Mike
George! James Beard calling for the break...1----2----3-----4----he breaks
the hold. This Suruta is one tough customer. He's a great strategist in the
squared circle, and it looks like he's two or three moves ahead of Mike
George. 10 Minutes remain in this contest. Both men back to their feet.
Suruta wants the test of strength. Mike George is going to accept...wait a
minute...Suruta went for the cheapshot again, but George was ready! Spins
his man around, Belly-to-Back Suplex! Bridge into a pinning
combination....1----2----ROPES! Jumbo got a foot in the ropes, or he'd have
lost the match right there. Back to their feet, hip-toss by George, going
for the figure-four, but Suruta kicks him off. 5 Minutes left in the match.
Both men going all out now, after 40 minutes, each man wants the victory.
Inside cradle by Suruta---1----2---Rolling Reverse----1-----2----Reversed
again----1------2----ROPES! Russian Leg Sweep bu George,
cover...1----2...kickout....2 minutes remain...Backslide by Suruta...George
is too Strong....he powers the man over....Tsuruta flips, lands on his
feet....side kick to the face! That came out of nowhere! Jumbo with the
cover, 1-----2-----shoulder up....1 minute
left....cover----1----2----kickout! 30 seconds left...single leg dive by
George....20 seconds....the two men grappling for position....10
seconds.....Suruta is pinned....1---2---reversal.....1-----BELL! The time
limit has expired! What a match! Jumbo dominated the early going, but Mike
George came on strong in the end. James Beard is raising both men's arms.
Mike George offers a handshake....Tsuruta spit on him! Jumbo Tsuruta just
spit in Mike George's face! WHY? George is hot...He shoves Jumbo...Jumbo
shoves back...and James Beard seperates the men. I bet we'll see a rematch
with these two.


This is the one you've been waiting for, Mid South Fans! The main event of
the evening. Bounty Hunters have come and gone. Volkoff, Harris, Terry Funk,
Abdullah the Butcher, The Assassins, Ole Anderson, Bruiser Brody. All these
men came to Mid South to end the career of Cowboy Bill Watts. None of them
got the job done, and just last week, we learned that The Spoiler was the
man behind the bounty. OR was he? Spoiler says the money belonged to
somebody else, but he wants to punish Watts for something that happened
years ago, in another territory. Hold on to your hats, because that song is
"In America" by the Charlie Daniels Band, and around here, that means the
Proud American, COWBOY BILL WATTS! This crowd loces the big Cowboy from
Oklahoma! But listen to those boos now...they know who's about to make his
way to the ring. There's the music, "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC, and there's the
Mid South North American Heavyweight Champion, from Parts Unknown, the
masked man known only as .....THE SPOILER! This match is one fall, sixty
minute time limit, for the North American Title. As a special stipulation
ordered by the Board of Governors here in Mid South, the winner of the match
will also get the shot at the WCFL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE currently held by
DUSTY RHODES. Spoiler wrestled Rhodes to a draw not so long ago, and he
thinks he can take Rhodes in the rematch, but because of his involvement in
the $10,000.00 Bounty, still unclaimed, The Spoiler's rematch with Dusty
Rhodes is also on the line here tonight. Jerry Usher is the referee, there's
the bell, and look out! Watts is here for a fight! He's after Spoiler
immediately. Fists and fire from Watts, Spoiler firing back....but Watts is
impervious to pain! I've never seen the Cowboy so mad. He doesn't want to
beat The Spoiler, he wants to take this man apart! Spoiler bails out of the
ring. He's shaking his finger at Watts, and tapping his temple. It's like
he's saying "You're not going to do that to me. I'm too smart for that".
Watts is leaving the ring to go after Spoiler, but Spoiler backs away to the
far side of the ring. Watts chasing, and Spoiler rolls back under the ropes.
Cat-quick, Spoiler in on his feet, and catches Watts as he enters the ring.
Big clubbing forearm staggers Watts, snap suplex, and Spoiler is on top,
with the headlock. Watts is kicking his feet, Spoiler may be choking Watts.
Jerry Usher checks, finds a legal headlock, and goes to ask Watts if he
wants to submit. Wasted effort there Jerry, there's no way that Cowboy is
going to give up to a headlock, even when Spoiler goes back to the choke.
Watts to his knees now, powering up. Spoiler leaning in, trying to keep the
man down, but Watts is too strong. Waistlock suplex! Watts dropped Spoiler
right on the back of his head! There's the cover, but Spoiler with a thumb
to the eye breaks up the pin. Watts with the Irish Whip, Spoiler off the
hits the ring! He's attacking Watts! Jerry Usher calls for the bell, Spoiler
has been disqualified! Orton and Spoiler double-teaming Watts, but there's
Robley! He's got a 2x4! WHAM! ROBLEY BLASTED SPOILER! Watts is hammering
Orton! Robley with that board...Orton is busted open! Spoiler trying to
leave the ring, but Watts caught him! Watts and Spoiler are fighting in the
corner. Watts is going for the mask! Cowboy Bill Watts is trying to unmask
The Spoiler! Spoiler with a knee to the...um...well, there's no delicate way
to put it...Spoiler kneed Watts in the groin. he pulls Bob Orton out of the
ring, grabs his belt, and they head to the back. Bill Watts wins the match
by DQ, but Spoiler keeps the title. In Mid South, the only way a champion
can lose his belt is pinfall or submission. However, I've been handed a
note...Ladies and Gentleman, the special stipulation was that the Winner of
the match would get the World Title Match next week, 10/22/81, at the
Fairgrounds Colliseum in Jackson, MS. Bill Watts won't get the North
American Heavyweight Title, but he won the match, so WATTS WILL FACE DUSTY

Get those tickets early, and I'll see you at ringside!

Here's the results:


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from: Grey Ghost

Good evening wrestling fans, Cowboy ghost here once again, and welcome to the Leflore County Civic Center. We've got another huge night of Mid-South Wrestling for you, including a match for the Mid-South Tag Team Title, inside the steel cage! Also on the card, Bruiser Brody has come to town to claim the bounty on Cowboy Bill Watts, Orndorf vs Orton in a non-title match, Latham & Fields, Buck Robley, and more!

Our first match is already in the ring, as young Rick Youngblood will square off with "Wild Bill" Irwin of the Long Riders. This match is one fall, with a 15 minute time limit. Your referee, James Beard, calls for the bell, and we're underway. Here comes Irwin! He's going right after this youngster, hammering away with what might be forearm shots. James Beard is telling Irwin to keep the fist open, but I don't think Irwin cares. Firing his man across the ring, there's the big boot to the face, and Rick Youngblood is down. Bill Irwin is toying with Youngblood now. He could pin him whenever he wants, but Irwin likes to inflict punishment. Bodyslam! Guillotine leg drop, and Irwin covers Youngblood. 1----2----He pulled him up! Irwin is sadistic! He had Youngblood beat, but he wants to hurt this kid. Off the ropes, lariat! He nearly took his head off with that one. Somebody oughta stop this massacre. Oh no. Irwin has lifted Youngblood to the top turnbuckle. He's following him up, hooking the arm. SUPERPLEX! It's over. There's no way Youngblood is going to kick out of that devastating move. There's the cover. 1---2------3. Bill Irwin wins the match by pinfall in 4:17.

Next up, we've got a rematch, as Count Sciluna has challenged Col. Buck Robley. For those of you that are interested, we've still got plenty of the 8x10 color photos personally autographed by Sciluna, and we'll sell 'em, cheap. Real cheap. Jerry Usher calls for the bell, and we're underway. One fall, 20 minute time limit. Sciluna charges in, Robley sidesteps, and kicks Sciluna right in the butt! The Count is not happy, and he's going after Robley. OH. Straight right hand by the Colonel, and Sciluna is down. Robley drops the knee once, twice, and now he's in for the choke. Robley must be feeling nasty tonight. Jerry Usher breaks the hold, and the two men circle. The fans are chanting something, I can't quite make it out, but I think they are implying Count Sciluna drinks through a straw? Robley fires Sciluna into the ropes, and there's the sleeper. Wait a minute! Bob Orton, Jr. is on the ring apron. He's waving a yellow T-shirt and Robley. Buck releases the sleeper, and whips Sciluna into the ropes, knocking Orton to the floor. Robley rolls him up, hooks the leg, 1------2------3! Buck Robley is your winner, and he's going after Orton. The Mississippi Heavyweight Champion decides discretion is the better part of valor, and beats a hasty retreat. Time of the fall was 8:06.

The third match is a challenge match, with the first time duo of Sugarbear Harris & Igor Volkoff in the ring. Last week in Biloxi, Harris roughed up young Terry Latham, and this week the Young Rockers, Ricky Fields & Terry Latham are looking for revenge. Fields & Latham are undefeated in Mid-South, with a win by DQ over The Long Riders. Sooner or later, they'll be in line for a shot at the Tag Titles. And there's the music: "I Love Rock-n-Roll" by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. The young ladies line up to touch the young lions on the way to the ring. Finally, James Beard calls for the bell. 1 fall, with a 30 minute time limit. Volkoff is going to start against Fields, and right away the big Russian shows his power. Shoulder block sends Fields to the mat, and Volkoff is on his man, working the leg. Harris applauds his partner, but the fans don't seem to appreciate Volkoff's efforts. Fields drags himself to the ropes to break the hold. Volkoff charges in, but Fields ducks, go behind, foward leg trip on Volkoff. Fields is really twisting that ankle, but Volkoff catches him with a wild kick. Volkoff tags out to Harris, and Fields knows no fear! He's taking it to the big man, irish whip into the ropes, Dropkick! Harris back to his feet, uh-uhn, big clotheline on Fields. Harris is taking over now, into the ropes...Gorilla Press Slam! Wow. Ricky Fields must have been 8-9, maybe 10 feet in the air on that one! Harris follows up with a splash, and I'm afraid this is going to be it for Ricky Fields. A man can only take so much. Arrogant cover by Harris. 1----2-----Foot on the ropes! Rocky Fields managed to feet a foot on the ropes! James Beard breaks the hold, but Fields is in trouble. Harris flings him into the corner, he's going for the shoulder smash...Fields got a foot up! Harris took a boot to the face, and goes down. Fields is dragging himself along the bottom rope, trying to reach Latham. Harris stagger to his feet, and Fields makes the tag! Latham is going up top, Harris doesn't see him.....MISSILE DROPKICK! Harris is down, LAtham with the cover, Fields somehow intercepts Volkoff....1-----2-----3! Terry Latham gets revenge by pinning Sugarbear Harris in 17:24.

We'll be right back after these commercial messages....

And we're back to the action here in Greenwood. Coming to the ring to the sound of "Wild Thing" is former North American Heavyweight Champion Paul Orndorf. Paul hasn't been quite himself since his stunning loss to the Spoiler, but hopefully he'll get back on track with a win here tonight. His opponent, entering to "Dead or Alive", is the Mississippi Heavyweight Champion, Bob Orton, Jr. The Title is NOT on the line tonight, but a win here will go a long way to bringing Orndorf back to the top of the rankings. One fall, with a 30 minute time limit. Jerry Usher is your referee, and there's the bell. Orndorf wants the test of strength, but Orton says he's not having any of that. Orndorf mocks Orton, flapping his arms like chicken wings, and Orton takes advantage. Bob Orton is an opportunist, and he's taking it to Orndorf. Forearms, chops, and that was a closed fist! Orndorf firing back now, he's come to prove something to himself tonight! Orndorf with the gorilla press slam! Orton bails out of the ring, calling a time out. Orndorf follows him out, and the two men are brawling at ringside. Jerry Usher with the count, but Orton is back in the ring, with Orndorf hot on his heels. Wow! Savate Kick from nowhere by Orton, and he's taking over on Orndorf once again. Elbow right to eye socket, and Orndorf is busted open. Orton backs away, measures his man, going for the fist to the back of the head, but Orndorf rolls away. Orndorf back to his feet, and he's got the abdominal stretch on Orton. This could be a submission move, but I don't think Orndorf locked it in quite right. Reverse elbow to the head from Orton breaks the hold, and Orton is setting his man up for that pile driver. He's got him in position, but wait just a second...Buck Robley is on the ring apron. Orton is shouting something to Robley, but Orndorf is drinving his feet, just like did in football, and he's talked Orton, with a foward roll...Orton's shoulders are down! Robley hops off the apron, Jerry Usher with the count....1-----2-------3! Paul Orndorf just pinned the MS Heavyweight Champion! The crowd loves it! Time of the match was 19:58.


All right Mid-South fans, hold on to your hats for this one. By now, everybody knows about the $10,000.00 bounty somebody placed on Cowboy Bill Watts. He's faced Volkoff, Harris, Terry Funk, Abdullah the Butcher, and The Assassins, and so far, nobody has been able to cash in, but tonight the Big Cowboy may be about to meet his match. His opponent is 6 feet 9 inches, 320 pounds of brutality. A man that has been banned for life from more wrestling promotions than you or I have ever heard of, the one and only.... BRUISER BRODY .
How appropriate that the bounty hunter comes to the ring accompanied by "Money" by Pink Floyd. The crowd is awed by this man...they don't like him, but they're afraid to boo. Something bad might happen here tonight, you can smell it in the air, and the crowd is uneasy. But listen to that roar when the Charlie Daniels song rocks the house! "In America" means only one thing, and here comes the Proud American, Cowboy Bill Watts! He's got that baseball bat, but Brody isn't moving! He just stands there, pointing at Watts, and rubbing his fingers together, meaning money. James Beard is a non-nonsense referee, and he takes the bat away as he calls for the bell. 1 fall, with a 45 minute time limit. Talk about a collision between two bulls....these two men are staring each other down, Brody again rubbing his fingers together, and Watts just popped Brody right in the nose! Brody staggers back a step, and tastes his own blood! Brody is smiling. What is that sound he's making? It's sub-human, primordial rage released from a tortured soul! Brody and Watts, toe to toe in the middle of the ring! They're slugging it out, but not even Watts can withstand that kind of onslaught for long. Watts goes for a single leg takedown, but Brody falls through the ropes, pulling Watts with him. Brody with a steel chair...but Watts ducks, and sends Brody into the ringpost! A brave James Beard is actually trying to control this match, but neither man is listening. James Beard is counting for the countout, but Brody sends Watts crashing into the referee. James Beard is down, and the fight goes on! Bill Watts is busted open now, and Brody presses Watts over his head, he's thrown him back into the ring from the floor! Incredible Power! Watts is 290 pounds, and Brody just shot-putted him! Brody is getting a chair now...What's he going to do? He's in the ring, and he just laid out Watts with that chair. Now he's positioning the chair on the arm. He's going to the top rope! Oh My *** ! He's not going to....NO! Brody just came off the top rope on Watts arm! He broke his arm! Watts is screaming in pain! Now he's kicking Watts in the ribs, driving him to the far side of the ring. And Brody is calling for the microphone....

All right. You wanted Watts in the hospital, and I delivered. Now come down here and gimme my money!

Brody seems to be waiting for somebody...the man that posted the bounty? Who could it be? Wait a minute...the lights just went out...what's that sound? Church Bells? A guitar? That's "Hells Bells" by ?AC/DC....and that means..... THE SPOILER . There he is! The house lights are back up, and The Spoiler is in the ring. He's shaking hands with Brody. Spoiler must have posted the bounty on Cowboy Bill Watts! Spoiler just opened a briefcase...that's cold, hard cash. Blood Money for a bounty hunter. Thirty pieces of silver. WAIT.....Buck Robley is in the ring. He's shaking hands with Brody. What's going on here? Is Robley in on this? Brody is leaving, Spoiler is holding up his hands in bewilderment. Robley has the microphone...

Spoiler, you no good sumbitch, you fell right into my little trap. Brody and I have crossed paths before, and it just so happens that he owed me a favor. You didn't bring Brody here. I did. Just to expose you. I knew you'd believe Brody took out Watts, and then you'd come slinking out here like the egg-sucking dog that you are. The thing is, Watts ain't hurt, Brody's got your money, and we got your ass

Cowboy Bill Watts, with his arm most definately not broken, spins Spoiler around, and nails him. Watts is going berserk, I think he's trying to kill Spoiler! Robley holds his legs, and Watts is going for the mask! Bill Watts is going to unmask the Spoiler right here in Greenwood! He's ripped it! The top of the mask is torn, you can see Spoiler's dark hair...but there's Orton! Why is Orton out here? He's pulling Spoiler out of the ring! Bob Orton just saved the Spoiler's mask! The locker rooms have emptied, and they're having to restrain Watts. He wants Spoiler, and rightly so. I'm sure he'll get his shot, after all he's been through because of this man.

Whew! All that excitement, and we've still got the main event to go. We'll take another short commercial break while the ring crew assembles the cage, and when we come back, the Mid South Tag Team Titles will be on the line!

All right, ol'Cowboy Ghost back with you fo rthe main event. Coming to the ring first, heralded by Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries", are the challengers. The Teutonic Terrors, Baron Von Raske and Killer Karl Krupp, with the notorius Skandar Akbar at ringside. The crowd is letting the Germans hear it, as they really hate this team. Those boos are turning to cheers now, though. Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" introduces men who need no introduction to Mis-South fans, the reigning Mid-South Tag Team Champions, "Captain Redneck" Dick Murdock & Junkyard Dog. Jerry Usher locks the cage door, and this one has broken down already. Murdock is swapping punches with Krupp, and Dog slams Von Raske. This match is one fall, to a finish. No time limit, No DQ, there must be a winner. All Usher has to do in this one is stay alive, count the fall, and unlock the cage door. Murdock slings Krupp into the steel, as Von Raske uses a low blow to take over on JYD. Murdock over to help his partner, but Krupp nails him from behind. Raske coming over for the double team, and Murdock hits the cage face-first. Raske is grinding Murdock's skin into that steel mesh, and Murdock's a bloody mess. JYD hammering Krupp, rocks him with a head butt, picks him up....BIG THUMP! JYD covers Krupp, 1---2---Raske breaks up the pin. Murdock on Raske now, closed fist...the crowd chants "Dot his eye, Dot his eye"....and Murdock gives 'em what they want, opening up Von Raske in the process. Akbar is trying to open the cage door, but it's locked! Wait...he's handing something to Krupp....JYD sees it....knee to the back, and Krupp drops whatever it was Akbar tried to give him. Von Raske has that German Claw on Murdock! JYD over to break the hold. Dog firing away on Raske, as Murdock supports himself on the ropes. Krupp comes over, he's tying Murdock in the ropes! Murdock is trapped! Krupp is putting a savage beating on Murdock, and his arms are tied up in the ropes! JYD has got Raske! Belly to Back Suplex! Both men's shoulders are down....1----------2----------Raske got a shoulder up----3!!! Raske got a shoulder up! He just pinned JYD....We've got NEW CHAMPIONS ....Jerry Usher unlocks the cage, Skandar Akbar grabs the belts....These fans are furious. The local police quickly escort the Germans out of the building, as JYD helps Murdock to the back.

What a night, wrestling fans. After everything that has happened here tonight,
I can guarantee that the Mid-South Board of Governors is going to be meeting, and there will be some major announcements coming soon.
Next week, Mid-South returns to Shreveport, Louisiana. Get those tickets early, and I'll see you at ringside!

Here's the results:


from: Grey Ghost ------------------
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Good evening, wrestling fans!  Cowboy Ghost here with you again, with
another big night of wrestling action.  We've got TWO title matches, a
$10,000 bounty match, and a #1 Contenders Tag Team match, plus two
preliminary events.
     Our first match tonight pits popular young Terry Latham against the
intimidating Sugarbear Harris.  Latham is giving up more than 100 pounds to
Harris, but he's got speed to burn.  It's one fall, with a 15 minute
time-limit.  Latham is removing his ring jacket, but there's the bell. 
Harris charges across the ring, but Latham's arms are trapped in his ring
jacket!  HUGE SPLASH into the turnbuckles, Latham is staggered.   Harris
scoops him up, bodyslam!  Harris rolls him over, going for the boston crab. 
He's locked it in.  Terry Latham has no choice, there's no way he's going to
get out of this.  He never had a chance after Harris's Pearl Harbor
attack...That's it.  Latham has submitted.  Harris wins the match by
submission in 45 seconds.  Ricky Fields has come to ringside in his street
clothes to check on his partner.  Harris having words with Fields as Latham
gets back to his feet.   DOUBLE DROPKICK knocks the big man to the floor! 
Harris retreats to the locker room area, as the crowd cheers Latham &
      Next up, two international superstars will hook 'em up right here in
Mid-South as Igor Volkoff of Russia takes on "Super Sock" Jose Lothario from
Mexico!  One fall, with a twenty minute time limit.  Collar & elbow tie-up,
but Volkoff pulls the hair to gain the advantage.  He's really clamping down
on the headlock now, making Lothario carry his weight, trying to wear the
man down.  Lothario shoots him into the ropes, and there's a chop that takes
Volkoff down.  That may have got him in the throat, as Volkoff is coughing &
choking on the mat.  Lothario is working the leg, but Volkoff goes for the
hair again.   Small package, as refereee Jerry Usher makes the
count...1----2----kickout.  Lothario almost got beat right there.  Back to
their feet, the two mem circle each other warily, looking for an opening. 
Volkoff with the single-leg takedown, now he's battering the knee.  Volkoff
stomping away at Lothario, but that's a straight right hand to the head. 
Volkoff staggers back, as Jerry Usher warns Lothario about using the closed
fist.  Lothario forcing Volkoff back to the corner with a series of chops. 
Irish whip across the ring, and Lothario follows him him.  Sunset Flip! 
Lothario goes for the pin....1-------2---------3!   Jose Lothario is your
winner in 8:32!
     The third match tonight is the $10,000 Bounty Match.  A masked man
known only as The Assassin has come here from Florida, looking to put Cowboy
Bill Watts out of professional wrestling.  The Assassin comes out to a
chorus of boos.  This man is no stranger to Mid-South fans, having held
several titles in the area some time ago.  He and Watts really don't like
each other, and some people think The Assassin may be the one that posted
the bounty in the first place.  "In America" by the Charlie Daniels Band
announces the arrival of the PRoud American...and Watts has got his 2x4 with
him!  Watts better be careful, he was fined $500 just last week for throwing
fire at Abdullah the Butcher.  Referee James Beard takes the board, as Watts
goes after Assassin.  The masked man bails out of the ring, motioning for
the Referee to move Watts back.   There's the bell, and we're underway. 
Assassin re-enters the ring, and Watts charges like a mad bull.  The
Assassin sidesteps, and throws a high knee to the ribs on Watts.  He's
choking Watts on the top-rope as the ref counts 1----2-----3----4---Assassin
breaks the hold, but he's right back to it.  Watts can't get any oxygen on
those ropes....1---2----3----4---James Beard steps between the men, and
Watts is back on his feet.  Football Tackle by the Big Cowboy, and he's
going for the mask!  Cowboy Bill Watts is after the mask of The Assassin! 
Thumb to the throat, and Assassin goes for the hammerlock on Watts.  In the
ropes, and there's the break.  There's a boot to the belly, and Watts is
taking over on Assassin now.  Hammering away with that devastating forearm,
Watts is rocking his man with each blow.   Watts going for the Irish Whip,
but Assassin reverses, and sends Watts into James Beard.  The referee is
down, and Assassin is motioning to the back.  It looks like he's waving
somebody to ringside.   Assassin goes to his tights now...He's loading his
mask!  The Assassin put something in that mask, and Watts doesn't see it.  
Headbutt!  Watts is busted open, and somebody has just charged the ring!
It's another Assassin!  These men are the Florida Tag Team champions, and
now they're taking Watts apart.  Double Hammerlock Bodyslam!  That move
could break both his arms!  Uh-oh....this doesn't look good.   The Assassins
are setting Watts up for a pile-driver.  Wait a minute!  There's Col. Buck
Robley!  Whats he doing at ringside?  He's saying something to the
Assassins, as he slides into the ring.  Both Assassins are holding Watts,
and Robley has that 2x4!  He's going to nail Watts with it.  Is Robley the
man behind all this?  Could it be true?   NO!   Buck Robley just nailed
Assassin #1!  He came to help Watts!  Watts throws Assassin #2 over the top
rope, and Robley tosses him the board!   It looks like a baseball game now,
Watts is the batter, and Robley sends Assassin #1 right at him!  WHAM! 
Watts just blasted the Assassin!  James Beard is back on his feet.  He's
calling for the bell.  Watts has been disqualified for outside interference!
  That's not fair!  All the referee saw was Robley & Watts with the board. 
A miscarriage of justice, as The Assassin wins by disqualification in 14:47.
   Cowboy Bill Watts has got the microphone.....

      [i] Sometimes, a man has got to do what a man's got to do.  Some
low-down snake in the grass Coward put up $10,000.00 to any man that can end
my career.  I told y'all last week I was going to fight fire with fire, and
that's exactly what I'm going to do.  Yeah, the Mid-South Board of Governors
fined me last week,  Hell, maybe they're going to fine me again this week. 
I don't care.  This is war.   I knew I needed somebody to watch my back. 
Somebody that knows what it means to Walk Tall, but also somebody that knows
all the dirty tricks in the book.  George Christopher Buckley Robley III is
just that kind of man.  He knows what it means to have a price on his head,
and he knows how to take care of business.  From this point forward, I'm
watching his back, and he's watching mine.  Assassins, you go slinking back
to Florida with your tails between your legs.  And tell whoever sent you
that Cowboy Bill Watts and Col. Buck Robley are ready, willing and able to
kick butts and take names.  Let's Hook 'Em Up! [/i]

    Wrestling fans, we'll be right back after these commercial messages.

   We're back, live at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum.  Our next match
is going to be a wild one, as two rough and ready tag teams are going for
the #1 contender position to the coveted Mid-South Tag Team Title, currently
held by Dick Murdock & Junkyard Dog.  "Ride of the Valkyries", by Wagner,
announces The Teutonic Terrors, Baron Von Raske & Killer Karl Krupp with
manager Skandar Akbar.  The crowd hates the German team, but they don't like
their opponents either.  "Bad Company" means that  The Long Riders are on
the way to the ring.  Scott & Bill Irwin were banned in Texas, and they've
really had an impact here in Mid-South.  One fall, with a 30 minute time
limit.   It's going to be Bill Irwin against Krupp to start the match.  Hip
toss by Krupp throws Irwin into the wrong corner, and Von Raske gives him a
knee tothe kidneys.  Krupp follows up with that German uppercut, rocking his
man back to the corner.  Scott Irwin pulls Krupp away, and we've got all
four men in the ring.  Akbar is up on the ring apron! This match is out of
control, and we're barely one minute into the action!  Scott Irwin blasts
Von Raske into the ropes, and Akbar hits the floor.  Jerry Usher is forcing
Scott Irwin out of the ring, but Bill Irwin has taken over on Krupp now. 
Into the ropes, big Texas boot to the face on Krupp.  Measuring his man,
Bill Irwin drops a knee to the forehead, and Krupp is busted open!  Krupp
rolls away, but Bill Irwin grabs his leg, and drags him across the ring to
his own corner.  There's a tag, and Scott Irwin is the legal man.  Stomping
away on Krupp, big Scott is in control.  Pulls his man up, side suplex! 
Going for the kneedrop, but Krupp counters by rolling under the rope.  Bill
Irwin is off the apron, and he's firing away on Krupp as Von Raske
blindsides Scott Irwin.  He's got the claw!  Von Raske with the German Claw
on Scott Irwin!  Outside the ring, Akbar just swung a chair at Bill Irwin,
but he ducked, and Akbar hit Krupp!  Big Clothesline from Bill takes Akbar
down, and Irwin is in the ring.  Jerry Usher is trying to break the claw
hold, because Von Raske is not the legal man, but Bill Irwin does it for
him!   Bill & Von Raske toe-to-toe in the center of the ring, as a bloody
Krupp slides in behind Scott Irwin.  He's got a chair, but Scott doesn't see
it....WHACK!  Krupp just nailed Scott Irwin, and slides the chair out of the
ring.   Von Raske throws out Bill Irwin, and Jerry Usher pushes Von Raske
back to the corner.  Krupp with the cover....1-----2-------3!  The winners
of the match, and a shot at the Mid-South Tag Team Titles, The Teutonic
Time of the match was 19:27.

    This next match is for the Mississippi Heavyweight Title, as Bob Orton
puts that title on the line against Buck Robley.  Mid-South fans will
remember that Bob Orton interfered in the strap match between Robley & Ken
Mantell that lead up to the Loser-Leaves-Town match in Thibodaux.  Orton
wants to get some payback for his buddy, and Robley wants the Mississippi
Title.  Both men are seasoned veterans, and this one should be a great
match.  One fall, with a 45 minute time limit.  There's the bell, and the
two men hook up immediately.  Orton with the headlock, into a hiptoss, and
Robley is on the mat.  Orton drops an elbow across the chest, and goes for
the cover.  Robley kicks out at 1, and both men scramble to their feet. 
Orton makes it first, and backs Robley into the corner with a kick to the
lower abdomen.  Orton is working that injured arm of Robley, slamming the
arm across the turn buckle.  Robley's arm was injured years ago, and he's
worn that orthapedic brace ever since.  Orton is trying to remove the brace!
  Robley grabs the hair, and throws Orton to the canvas.  James Beard
warning Robley, but he's not listening!  Robley stomping away on Orton, now
he's got the arm....hammerlock.  Robley is trying to injure Orton's arm now.
  Dropping that knee with the arm in a hammerlock is viscous.  Orton is in
serious trouble here.   Referee checking to see if Orton wants to give it
up, but he's made the ropes.  James Beard calls for the break.  Robley
breaks for a moment, but he's right back on the arm!  Robley knows he gets 5
seconds before James Beard will call for the DQ, and he's using every
advantage.   Finally, the ref steps between them, and forces Robley to back
away.  Orton is rubbing that arm.  I don't know, he may be injured.  He's
telling James Beard he can't continue....but the ref says he'll have to
forfeit the belt.  Orton is shaking his head, he's not going to surrender
the belt.   Buck Robley after the arm again, Orton is in pain.   Robley
whips him into the ropes!   Sleeper!  That's Robley's move!  It could all be
over right here!  We could have a new champion.  Orton struggling to keep
his feet.  He's taller than Robley, so Buck's weight is dragging him
down....Orton lunges forward into the corner....Robley hangs on, OH!  Robley
split his head wide open on the ringpost.  Both men are down.   James beard
with the count....1---2----3----4----5---Orton is
up...staggering...6---7---8....Robley to his knees, blood streaming down his
face....Orton stumbles over...going for his move....PILEDRIVER!.....Somehow,
Orton found the strength to hit the piledriver on Robley.   There the cover,
hooks the leg...1----2-----3!   Bob Orton is your winner, and still
Mississippi Heavyweight Champion!  Time of the match was 22:13.
    The Main Event of the Evening is next.  This match is for the WCFL World
Tag Team Title.  The Challengers are your Mid-South Tag Team Champions,
coming to the ring to the sound of "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen,
"Captain Redneck" Dick Murdock and Junkyard Dog!  The Champions, on the way
to the ring accompanied by "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", The Minnesota
Wrecking Crew, Ole & Gene Anderson!  Dick Murdock will start the match
against Ole Anderson. Shoulderblock, and Anderson goes down.  Murdock drops
the knee, but Anderson rolls away.  Back to their feet, both men charge
together again, and again Ole Anderson goes down.  He crawls over to tag in
Gene, and Murdock says something to JYD in the corner.   Gene Anderson with
the armdrag, and Murdock is down.  The Andersons are known for working the
arms.  They've won a lot of matches with that Anderson Hammerlock...which is
strangely similar the The Assassins hammerlock.  You know, I wonder....could
the Andersons also be The Assassins?  It's possible.  Both teams are here
tonight.  Gene tags out to Ole, and the Anderson are having their way with
Murdock at the moment.  Bodyslam from Ole, followed by the flat of the foot
on that arm again.  Murdock back to his knees...He's firing back now.  Ole
Anderson is staggered, and Captain Redneck is back to his feet.  Into the
ropes, and there's a clothesline that came all the way from West Texas State
University!  Murdock makes the tag, and JYD hits the ring.  Gene Anderson
comes in illegally, but the Dog throws him right back out again.  JYD is
howling now, and these fans are on their feet!  The Coliseum is rocking with
the Dog in the House.  Wait a minute here....The Assassins have come to
ringside...with [b] Skandar Akbar [/b].  What are they doing here.  Akbar is
counting out some money, and pointing to the ring.  The Assassins are
nodding, and tucking their money deep into their tights.   All four men in
the ring now, and JYD sends Ole Anderson into the ropes.....BIG THUMP!  
Dick Murdock has Gene Anderson up....BRAINBUSTER!   There's a double
cover....We're gonna have new Champions.....1---------2---------THE
ASSASSINS!   The Assassins are in the ring, attacking Murdock & JYD...Jerry
Usher calls for the bell.  The Andersons will keep the belts by DQ, but they
got their butts kicked here tonight.  Murdock & JYD are toe-to-toe with the
Assassins.....THE GERMANS FROM BEHIND!  Von Raske & Krupp hit the ring! 
They're trying to take out the Mid-South Tag Team Champions---it's 4 on
2.....JYD is busted open....Murdock gets the spike piledriver from the
Assassins....but here comes Watts & Robley!  And Watts has that 2x4!  
Robley is adjusting that armbrace, and Watts is Walking Tall!  He nails
Krupp, and then Assassin #1!  Robley blasted Von Raske...Watts swings at
Akbar...Ole Anderson clips Watts from behind.  He wants the Bounty!  He's
attacking the knee...JYD back up....He's got Gene Anderson....OVER THE TOP
ROPE!....Buck Robley caught Ole Anderson with that loaded arm brace....here
come the Long Riders.....but they're intercepted by Ricky Fields & Terry
Latham!  It's pandemonium!  Men are fighting all over the building.  Murdock
on Krupp, Robley's got Akbar, Both Assassins are working over Watts....Scott
Irwin choking Von Raske with the whip...Ole Anderson runs Terry Latham into
the ring post.  Ricky Fields with the dropkick on Assassin #1  Assassin #2
nails Robley....Gene Anderson is covered in blood...Von Raske with the claw
on Bill Irwin...Murdock hits a brain buster on Krupp on the concrete floor! 
This is crazy!  Police have surrounded the ring....What a brawl!   It looks
like order is going to be restored here in Biloxi, but you never know what's
going tohappen here in Mid-South.  Next week, we'll be in Greenwood
Mississippi, to make up for the show we had to cancel two week ago.  The
Main Event is going to be The Teutonic Terrors against Dick Murdock & JYD
for the Mid-South Tag Team Titles, and the match is going to be inside a
steel cage!   Get those tickets early, and I'll see you at ringside!

--September 24, 1981 LIVE Baton Rouge , LA
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from: Grey Ghost

Good Evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to the fabulous Centroplex, in Baton Rouge, Louisisana. We've got a huge card for you tonight, so we'll go right to the ring.
Our first match tonight is the unpredictable Col. Buck Robley against the dastardly Count Sciluna. One fall, with a 15 minute time limit. Your referee is James Beard, and there's the bell. Both men circle, and Sciluna offers the Test of Strength. Robley knows better though, and responds with a kick to the belly. Sciluna doubles over, and there's a neckbreaker from Robley. Here's a cover, and a pin...1---2----kickout. Robley failed to hook the leg, or he may have had him right there. Arm drag from Robley, now working the arm, but Sciluna makes it to the ropes. Cheap shot on the break, and Sciluna is taking over on Robley. European Uppercut rocks Robley back to the corner, Irish Whip across the ring, Sciluna is charging in with the shoulder. Robley dodges at the last possible moment. Sciluna really nailed his shoulder on the ring post. Robley pulls him out of the corner, and levels him with that padded forearm. Robley has been known to adjust that brace he wears on the arm. There's a steel brace under the padding, and if he uses it as a weapon, it should be an immediate disqualification. Off the ropes, Robley from behind...he's got the sleeper! Buck Robley has locked in the sleeper on Sciluna, right in the middle of the ring! James Beard checks the arm...there's 1.....2.........3.....that's it! The winner of the match is Colonel Buck Robley, with the sleeper hold, in just under 10 minutes.
Robley is leaving the ring, but James Beard stopped him. He's poining at the prone Sciluna, and insisting that Robley wake the man up. This is dangerous. That sleeper cuts off blood to the brain, and if Robley doesn't wake the man up, he could go into a coma. Robley is reluctant, but he finally slaps Sciluna across the back. It looks like he's going to be OK. Fans, believe it or not, we still have plenty of 8x10 glossy pictures of Sciluna. Please order yours today.
Next up, we've got a Captain's Match as Baron Von Raske of General Skandar Akbar's Teutonic Terrors meets one half of the Mid South Tag Team Champions, Junkyard Dog. There's "Another One Bites the Dust", and listen to the crowd! They love the Dog here in Baton Rouge. As the music changes, so does the mood of the crowd. Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" means Von Raske & Akbar are on the way to the ring. This crowd is booing them out of the building. One fall, with a 20 minute time limit, as Senior Referee Jerry Usher calls for the bell. These two aren't wasting anytime, as there's the collar & elbow tie-up. JYD with the early advantage, as he takes a side headlock on Raske. The Dog is working the crowd now, stomping his foot as he cranks down on the headlock. The crowd responds with a "JYD" chant. Raske fires him off into the ropes, ducks under, goes behind, sweeps the leg, and now Raske has the Dog on the canvas. Raske getting some extra leverage as he pulls the hair, but he releases it before Jerry Usher sees it. Usher now checking the Dog, and Raske has got the hair again. Usher is calling for the break as Akbar seems pleased with what he sees. Back to his feet, the Dog howls for the crowd, and Raske retreats to his corner. What's he doing? Is he going to his tights? JYD sees it too, and clobbers the Baron. Something slipped from his hand, but Akbar grabbed it and hid it from Jerry Usher. Dog is slamming Raske's head into the turnbuckle as the crowd counts along...6---7---8---9---10! Akbar up on the apron, but JYD knocked him all the way to the floor. Shouldn't have turned his back on the German, though...there's the German Claw. JYD is in trouble now...or is he? For some reason, JYD doesn't seem to be nearly as vulnerable to that claw. It hurts, but the Dog is still on his feet. Raske can't believe it! He'd better believe that big boot, though, as JYD staggers Raske with a kick, scoops him up.....BIG THUMP! Hooks the leg, 1----2---AKBAR is in the ring, stomping on JYD. That's it, Jerry Usher calls for the bell. Von Raske has been disqualified for Akbar's interference. Junkyard Dog is the winner by DQ in 13:45.
Our third contest this evening is going to be quite a challenge for the popular young team of Ricky Fields & Terry Latham. They'll be facing The Long Riders, "Wild" Bill & Scott "Hawg" Irwin. The Irwins made an unscheduled appearance in New Orleans, during the Mid South Tag Team Title match, and attacked both teams. These guys were actually kicked out of Texas for being too tough, and who knows what they'll do here in Mid South. It's going to be Scott Irwin and Terry Latham starting out in this one fall 30 minute time limit match. Quite a size disparity here, as Latham weighs about 210, but Scott is well over 300 pounds. Irwin charges in, but Latham ducks under, and staggers the big man with a lightening quick drop kick. Irwin going for an elbow, but Latham rolls away, back to his feet. Circling now, Latham knows he's got to use his speed here. Big swinging forearm by Irwin, but Latham dodges, and kicks Irwin's knee out from under him. The big man hits the canvas, but Latham tags out to Fields. Dropkick from Ricky Fields sends Scott IRwin back into his own corner, but he tags in his brother "Wild" Bill. Bill Irwin charges across the ring, but Fields dodges his charge, and nails another drop kick, this time sending Irwin back into the wrong corner. Terry Latham doesn't take the shortcut though...He's got his hands high so James Beard know's Terry Latham isn't cheating. Irwin blasted Terry Latham. The kid wasn;t expecting that, and he's down at ringside. He's on the far side of the ring, it looks like he went down hard. Fields coming over to check on his partner, but Irwin grabbed him by the arm, spins him around....That was a closed fist! He can't do that! But the damage is done, as Ricky Fields is down, and Irwin drops the leg across his chest. Irish Whip into the red corner now, and Scott Irwin is holding the kid while Bill is working him over in the corner. James Beard is checking Terry Latham, and Bill Irwin is setting up Ricky Fields for ...What the hell? ...He's got him up on the top turnbuckle. Oh he's not going to suplex him from there? He's going to break the kid's neck! OH NO!....I don't know what he calls that move, but nobody is going to get up after that...look at Irwin, placing a boot on the man's chest while James Beard makes the count....WAIT A MINUTE! BARON VON RASKE & KARL KRUPP JUST CHARGED THE RING! They've posted Scott Irwin! Bill leaves the ring to help his brother, and we've got a wild brawl taking place at ring side. Terry LAtham is back up, and tending to the fallen Fields...James Beard is counting....17----18----19----20! James Beard has counted Wild Bill Irwin out of the ring! Ricky Fields is laying in the ring, but his team won the match by countout!
Sciluna & Akbar joined the Germans, and it's 4 on 2. Those big Texans are getting the hell beat out of them...Akbar's got a chair....OH....Bill Irwin is busted open....CRACK! Scott Irwin has grabbed one of those bullwhips the Long Riders carry to the ring...Akbar is busted open....Bill Irwin has a chair....OH MY....he just laid out Sciluna...and security is finally able to break it up. Something is going to have to be done about the Tag Team situation here in Mid-South.
The $10,000.00 Bounty match is next. This week, it's the Puerto Rico Heavyweight Champion, the wild man from the Sudan, Abdullah the Butcher coming to end the career of an American Hero, Cowboy Bill Watts. Those boos mean Abdullah has been led to the ring. He's one strange looking individual. Hold on to your hats, because that song is "In America" by The Charlie Daniels Band, and here comes the Cowboy! He's still limping from that attack by Terry Funk, but he'll meet any challenge. Throw the rulebook out the window here. One fall, with a 30 minute timelimit, but this isn't going to be a scientific wrestling match. This is going to be a fight. There's the bell, and here comes Abdullah. Watts met him head on with a punch that might have dropped a Brahma Bull in his tracks. Abdullah is already bleeding, but he just shakes his head. The man is impervious to pain. Watts is rocking the Butcher with lefts and rights, but Abdullah is smiling! Jerry Usher is warning Watts to open the fist, but Abdullah jabs a thumb to the throat on Watts. The Cowboy falls into Usher, and the referee is down. Abdullah goes to the tights...he's got something....A FORK....Abdullah the Butcher is carving up Watts with that fork. Watts is trapped in the ropes, and the Butcher is slicing Watts like a Christmas turkey. Watts fighting back now....he staggered Abdullah....Watts ahs his back turned....FIREBALL! COWBOY BILL WATTS JUST THREW FIRE! Abdullah is burned, and Watts scooped him up....charges across the ring.....OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE!....Jerry Usher is back up....there's the count....1-----2-----3!
This crowd is going wild! Cowboy Bill Watts said he was going to fight fire with fire, but I don't think anyone took him literally! What a shocking development!
Louisiana Heavyweight Title on the line here. Champion Mike George will defend against the Russian Enforcer, Igor Volkoff! One fall, with a 45 minute time limit. James Beard calls for the bell, and we're under way. This crowd is behind popular Mike George all the way. It's George vs Volkoff, but it's also USA vs Russia, and these fans are American PAtriots...listen to that chant....U S A! Volkoff has dominated the early going, and he continues to work on the leg. He's setting George up for that Russian Leglock as he calls it. George kicks Volkoff off, and struggles back to his feet. Fireman's carry by George, and the tide may be turning. Body slam, followed by the flat of the boot, and Volkoff bails out of the ring... He's trying to call a Timeout! There are no Timeouts in Wrestling! Volkoff back to the ring apron, and Mike George brings him back into the ring the hard way! Volkoff back to his feet...he wants a test of strength....George accepts....but wait!...Mike George reversed it into a backslide....Volkoff never saw it coming...there's the count....1-----2-----3!
Your winner by pinfall, and still Louisiana Heavyweight Champion, Mike George! Time of the match was 27:02
And the main event, for the North American Heavyweight Title, pits former champion Paul Orndorf agains the man that beat im for the belt, The Spoiler. One fall, with a 60 minute time limit. Spoiler is a very deliberate man. He never wastes a motion in that ring. Paul Orndorf starts out cautiously. I think he's still embarassed over how quickly he lost the title in Jackson. Spoiler is in control. He's got Orndorf in the arm bar, but Orndorf throws a elbos to the ribs. There's another, and the crowd is starting to get behind Orndorf. Spoiler is rocked, as Orndorf moves to the attack. Big clothesline off the ropes, but Spoiler is back to his feet. Kick to the head, and Orndorf goes down. Spoiler is up, walking along the top rope. How does a man that size do it? Lariat off the ropes, and Spoiler is going for that Iron Claw...but Orndorf blocked it. He's caught the wrist, but Spoiler is bearing down. Orndorf powers out, but walks into the boot to the face. Spoiler catches him with the inside cradle......1-------2--------3! The winner, and still North American Heavyweight Champion, The Spoiler! Time of the match was 43:57.
That's all for this week. Next week, we'll be in Biloxi, MS at the Gulf Coast Coliseum. JYD & Dick Murdock will challenge the Andersons for the WCFL World Tag Team Title in the main event. Get those tickets early, and I'll see you at ringside!

------------New Orleans, LA ------9-10-81-------------

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from: Grey Ghost

Good evening, wrestling fans. Cowboy Ghost here with a WCFL Mid-South Udpate for you. We're going to continue to bring you the biggest names in professional wrestling right here in your hometown. This week in New Orleans, we've got the notorious Terry Funk coming to claim the $10,000.00 bounty on Cowboy Bill Watts, and the WCFL World Heavyweight Champion, Dusty Rhodes, is going to defend his title against new North American Heavyweight Champion, The Spoiler.
Coming soon, you'll get a chance to see the Florida Tag Team champs, The Assassins. And that's not all. Your favorite Mid-South Stars will be traveling to other areas around the country.
Getting back to the big event tommorrow night, we have some prerecorded comments from some of the wrestlers to share with you:

Terry Funk: Bill Watts....the big so-called "Cowboy" from Oklahoma. Somebody wants you out of the way pretty bad. Ten Thousand dollars is a lot of money. I'm just the kinda guy that's going to cash in the prize, Watts. You see, I'm from Texas. And down on the Double Cross Ranch, we know how to hurt a man. Maybe I'll break your neck. How about that trick knee of your, Watts? How loud will you scream when I lock in the spinning toehold, and twist...and twist...and twist until your whole knee is nothing put silly putty. I don't like Oklahoma, and I don't like you Watts. This Monday Night I'll show you why the Funk name is a household word all over the world. It's less than 24 hours Watts. Think about it.

Dick Murdock: Monday Night, Von Raske and Krupp are gonna pay for what happened in Thibodaux. It took Akbar and that pasty little geek Sciluna to tilt the scales. Four on two. Maybe you caught us napping, but that ain;t gonna happen again. Me and the Dog are walking out of the Municipal Auditorium the same way we walked in...as the Mid-South Tag Team Champions. And if that no good snake in the grass Akbar wants to stick his nose in it, I got a size 12 boot that's going where the sun don't shine.

Skandar Akbar: My Teutonic Terrors showed the world that the superior German intellect is all that is necessary to beat Murdock and that flea-bitten, mangy dog. The General's army is on the way to the top. Spoiler, you made a mistake in Thibodaux. See that it doesn't happen again.

Cowboy Bill Watts: Terry Funk, I thought you had to much pride to become a bounty hunter. I shouldn't be surprised, though. There ain't anything that comes outta Texas that I can't whip, just like the Sooners are going to beat the Longhorns next weekend. Did you know Barry Switzer called me up the other day? He said, "Bill, we got this big game coming up, can you tell me how to get to Texas?" I said sure thing. All you gotta do to find Texas from Oklahoma is walk South until you smell it, and then turn west until you step in it. Let's Hook'em Up!

The Spoiler: And so we meet again, Mr. Rhodes. It's been a long time. Have you missed me? I've missed you. Ever since you got that big gold belt, you don't seem to want to wrestle me anymore. Why is that, Mr. Rhodes? Could it be your instinct for self preservation kicking in? That gnawing, empy knot in the pit of your stomach as you watch the clock winding down the hours on your time as WCFL World Heavyweight Champion? I jnow holding on to that belt is the most important thing in the world to you. It really is your "American Dream". Enjoy it while you can, Mr. Rhodes. Remember, they call me The Spoiler.


Thibodaux Civic Center - - - 09-03-81
Labor Day Spectacular
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from: Grey Ghost

Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to the soldout Thibodaux Civic Center. Tonight's card promises another great night of wrestling action, capped off with the big OVER THE TOP ROPE Battle Royal, with the winner to get a shot at Dusty Rhodes for the WCFL World Heavyweight Title next Monday Night at the Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans.

Our first match this evening has talented youngster Rick Youngblood squaring off against the popular superstar from South of the Border, Supersock Jose Lothario. Nice display of sportsmanship as the two men shake hands before the bell rings. We're underway, and it's a collar and elbow tie up, into a hip toss by Lothario. Youngblood back to his feet, single leg takedown on Lothario, floatover for the ride. Lothario is on his stomach, looking for a way out. He's back to his knees, and Youngblood's got the arm. He's barred the arm, but there's a reversal by the vetern Lothario. Into the ropes, and referee Scrappy McGowan calls for the break. Good clean break. Lothario with the Irish whip into the ropes, high back drop. Lothario goes for the pin, 1------------2----------kickout. Youngblood goes for the headlock, but Lothario ducks under for the go behind. Russian legsweep into a cover....1-------2------into the ropes. Youngbloods getting frustrated here, he can't seem to do anything with Lothario. Armdrag takedown, and Lothario is going for the spinning toehold....He's got it locked in, right in the middle of the ring. Youngblood is a game kid...he's trying to kick Lothario off, but he can't take the pain. Scrappy McGowan calls for the bell. Jose Lothario wins the match by submission in 9:12.

Tonight's second match is a special challenge issued by El Fantastico after the events that transpired in Jackson on August 31. Bob Orton used the tights to pin Lothario, and El Fantastico is looking to avenge his friend's defeat. The masked man is really taking it to Orton from the opening bell. A kick, followed by a series of chops, there's an irish whip....Drop Kick! and Orton bails out of the ring. It looks like he wants a time out, but there are no timeouts in wrestling. He's got a 10-count to return to the ring, and he slides under the bottom rope at 9. Orton needs to slow this young man down if he's going to win this match. Collar & elbow tie up, into the corner, referee calls for the break. Cheap shot on the break by Orton. He's a man to take every shortcut in the book. Body Slam, and El Fantastico is down, Ortons going for the knee drop, but El Fantastico rolls out of the way! Kip-up to his feet.....WOW...he just kicked Orton right in the face. This crowd is loving the action. They're really starting to get behind this masked man from Mexico. El Fantastico working the leg, but what's Orton doing? He's going to the tights, he's got something in his hand. The referee has his back to Orton....OH MAN...he just slammed El Fantastico in the head, that breaks the hold. Orton goes back to the tights, hiding that illegal object, and the fans are really getting on Orton right now. El Fantastico is struggling to his feet, but a big kick from Orton sends him down again. He's setting him up for the pile driver......this is going to hurt.....OUCH......Orton hits the pile driver on El Fantastico, but Jose Lothario has come to ringside...he's trying to tell the referee what happened. Orton shakes his head no...the fans are screaming yes...Lothario is on the ring apron, trying to keep Lothario out of the ring. Orton goes to the tights...those are Brass Knuckles! Lothario didn't see Orton go to the tights....OHHHHHHHH....Orton just blasted Lothario...he's covering El Fantastico.....1---------2--------------3! Bob Orton with the pinfall, but I'm sure this isn't the last he'll hear from Lothario & Fantastico.

The third match of the evening is a Tag Team Match. The popular combination of Ricky Fields & Terry Latham will take on Igor Volkoff & Count Sciluna. Fields & Latham had a big victory over Mike George & Bob Roop at the big Ground Zero event in Jackson, and they're hoping for another victory here. Volkoff is a big mean Russian who made an unsucessfull attempt to collect the $10,000.00 bounty on Cowboy Bill Watts. We don't know much about Sciluna, but we do still have plenty of his pictures available for sale. It's going to be Sciluna and Fields starting the match. Dropkick from Fields rocks Sciluna...he's back up....Irish Whip into the corner...SUNSET FLIP....PINNING COMBINATION....Terry Latham comes in to cut off Volkoff....1------2------3!.....Ricky Fields pins Count Sciluna in 37 seconds! Volkoff is outraged!...He throws Latham over the top rope, and nails Fields from behind. The big Russian is putting the boots to Ricky Fields....but Terry Latham clears the ring. Sciluna & Volkoff are arguing as they exit, but it's another big win for the young team of Fields & Latham.

Next up, the $10,000.00 bounty is on the line. "Money" by Pink Floyd anounces the entrance of this week's bounty hunter, the 320 pound Sugarbear Harris. The boos almost drown out the music. The crowd doesn't like this man, but they love the Big Cowboy. "In America" by Charley Daniels brings the crowd to their feet. Watts charges the ring, but Harris wisely bails out. The bell rings, and we're underway. Both men are toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. Harris sneers at Watts. He's trying to intimidate his man. I think he picked the wrong oppoenent for that....YES....Watts nails Harris in the face, and the fight is on...both men trading punches, neither willing to give an inch....Harris ducked!...Go behind on Watts, big belly to back suplex. Harris springs to his feet, and puts the boots to Watts. He's stomping the knee...that old football injury that Volkoff went after last week. Whoever put up that bounty money must be somebody that knows Watts preety well. I've known the man for years, and I just learned about the knee problem a few days ago. Watts battles to his feet....Hiptoss!....Watts is limping now, but he's good and mad too! Bodyslam! Pulling his man up, Watts sends him into the ropes....but Harris held the rope to break his momentum....Leaping Kick....Harris just crossed half the ring with the strangest leaping martial arts style kick I've ever seen....How can a man that size move like that? Watts is down, and Harris has left the ring. He's got a steel chair! Scrappy McGowan tries to take the chair away, but Harris shoves him to the side. Watts sees the chair, and ducks. A kick to the buttockal region, and Harris drops the chair. Watts has the chair, and he's WALKING TALL.....BAM.....Watts laid out Harris with the chair....then tosses it out of the ring....he's going to the referee....there's the cover......1-----------2----------------3! Cowboy Bill Watts pinned Sugarbear Harris in 15:24 with the steel chair.

Now it's time for the Louisiana Heavyweight Title match. Last Friday, at Ground Zero, Mike George & Bob Roop were tag team partners. They didn't see things eye to eye, and Bob Roop got pinned. After the match, he sucker punched Mike George, and this match was signed as a result. One fall, 30-minute timelimit. The bell rings, and Bob Roop wants to shake hands. George looks to the fans, who shout "NO"...but Roop offers his hand again...he even crosses his heart....George is giving him the benefit of the doubt. He's going to shake Bob Roops hand....NASTY KICK to the stomach. George never should have trusted Roop. George is down, and Roop caught him with the knee. Another one, but George rolls away. Back to his feet, and George takes Roop down with a football tackle. Floatover into a hammerlock, but Roop goes to the ropes. Clean break by George, into a headlock on Roop, but Roop uses the hair to take his man down. Head Scissors now on George, as Roop is in charge at the moment. Mike George is going for the headstand escape, but Roop is ready for the move....mini-piledriver on George, and Roop rolls clear. Roop moves in to the attack, but George catches him with a fireman's carry, into a top wristlock....Roop pokes the eyes to escape, and the Referee is warning Roop. Roop denies any wrongdoing, and the fans are letting him have it. Bob Roop goes to the ropes to yell at a fan....George is on his feet....he sees Roops back is turned.....Belly-to-Back Suplex into a bridge....1-------2-----------3!!!!!!!! Mike George got Roop napping, and took advantage of the opportunity to become the NEW LOUISIANA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Time of the match was 17:53.

Next up is a Tag Team War.....Texas Tornado rules, all four men in the ring at the same time. These teams really don't like each other. Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" announces the arrival of the Teutonic Terrors, Baron Von Raske & Killer Karl Krupp. Wait a minute....Skandar Akbar is with them. These men must have signed Akbar to be their manager. No titles are on the line tonight, but Akbar must have something up his sleeve. He's always after the top men in the sport. Last Friday, he apparently made an offer to new North American Heavyweight Champion The Spoiler, but that contract was torn up in his face. "Another One Bites the Dust" means only one thing in Mid South....and here comes the Junkyard Dog with Captain Redneck Dick Murdock. There's the bell, and hold onto your hats, wrestling fans. This one is going to be wild. Murdock is going after Von Raske, and the Dog is tied up with Krupp in the opening minutes. Bodyslam from Murdock, clothesline from the Dog and they've cleared the ring. Von Raske & Krupp are huddled with Akbar, and the Dog is howling. The fans are on their feet here in Thibodaux. Murdock holds the ropes open to invite the Germans back in the ring. The Dog gets tired of waiting, and goes to the floor after Krupp. Murdock follows, and blasts Von Raske, only to get blindsided by Akbar. Von Raske puts the boots to Murdock as Dog rolls Krupp back in the ring. Murdock is coming back on the floor, nailing Akbar with a mule kick, and tying up with Von Raske. Krupp gains the upperhand on JYD, as Scrappy McGowan struggles to get this match under control. Murdock is back in the ring now, going after Krupp with the elbow, and the Dog intercepts Von Raske. Murdock with the powerslam on Krupp...but Von Raske makes the save. JYD nails Von Raske, but Akbar tripped him up from outside the ring. Murdock is alone in the ring, fists and firing away on both the big Germans, as the Dog hammers Akabar...but wait a minute....that's Count Sciluna! And he's got a chair! Count Sciluna just nailed the Junkyard Dog with a steel chair! Murdock slams Von Raske, but Krupp caught him with a clothesline. Akbar & Sciluna are beating the hell out of JYD outside the ring......Murdock is in trouble now, as the doubleteam continues from Krupp & Von Raske. The Dog has faught his way back to his feet...He just leveled Akbar with a powerslam on the concrete....but Krupp has the Eye Claw on Murdock! Von Raske clips Murdock from behind and he's down. This hold is dangerous! He could blind Dick Murdock right here in Thibodaux. JYD is on the apron, but Count Sciluna has his legs.....Scrappy McGowan makes the count..... 1------------2--------------3! What an upset! Baron Von Raske & Killer Karl Krupp just beat the Mid-South Tag Team Champions in a wild and wooly affair. Time of the match was 24:13. I'm sure a rematch for the titles will be signed between these teams. Akbar on the outside spells worlds of trouble for JYD & Murdock.

This next match has a very serious stipulation. The loser of the fall, by pinfall or submission, must leave Mid-South Wrestling. There's no time limit, no disqualification, and all the other wrestlers are banned from ringside. There must be a winner. Ken Mantell & Buck Robley have some bad blood between them. It goes way back over the last 10 years, and the hatred between these two men is so intense, it's got to be settled right here. There's the bell, and we're underway. Both men are wary, nobody wants to make a mistake in this one. Robley looks a little stiff...maybe he's still feeling the effects of the piledriver from Bob Orton last friday. Mantell pulls the hair to take Robley down, but Buck rolls clear and counters with a closed fist to the head. Mantell with a kick to the belly, swinging neckbreaker....he's going for the win right now...but Robley kicks out. Mantell still on Robley, now he's stomping the arm. You know, Buck Robley wears that orthopedic brace on his arm. Some people say that he gets a little "extra advantage" if he adjusts that brace a certain way. Robley is hurting now, but he crawls to the ropes to break the hold. Robley gouged the eyes on the break. Robley is no stranger to taking shortcuts when he needs them, but the fans seem to like him anyway. Robley is up now, double axehandle on Mantell, he's going for a pile driver...but Mantell powers out, dropping Robley with the back drop. Kneedrop to the head, and Robley is busted open. Mantell is hammering away on Robley, but Buck is firing back. Robley fires his man into the ropes...and there's the sleeper! Robley has the sleeper on Ken Mantell.....Mantell is deperate...he backs Robley into the corner to break the hold....and he's going to the tights....Mantell has got something....here comes Robley......POWDER! Right in the eyes....Robley is blinded....It's a no disqualification match, so there's nothing McGown can do.....Robley finds the ropes, and tumbles through to the floor...he's wiping the powder away with his "Nobody call me yellow" T-shirt, but Mantell Follows his man...RINGPOST! ...Mantell ran Robley into the ringpost...Robley is down....Mantell rolls him back into the ring.....He's going to the top rope....but Robley got a boot up. Somehow, Buck Robley dug way down deep and found something extra....he's using the ropes to climb to his feet....Bloody, powder mingles with blood on his shirt, a manaical look on his face.....Mantell is getting up....and Robley is adjusting that Armbrace....The fans are on their feet....Mantell turns around....and ROBLEY LAID HIM OUT!!!!....Mantell is busted open....Robley goes for the pin.....1----------2----------3!!!!!! Ken Mantell must leave Mid-South! Robley isn't satisfied....he stomps his man....he's ripping off that yellow t-shirt....he's stuffing in Mantell's mouth.....What a match! I'm sure an athlete like Ken Mantell will find work somewhere, but he's gone from Mid-South as of right now.

Main Event time in Thibodaux. This will be a 19 man, Over the Top Rope Battle Royal, featuring all of the wrestling stars here in Mid-South. The winner of the match gets a shot at the WCFL World Heavyweight Title next week, when WCFL Champion Dusty Rhodes comes to New Orleans. The rules are simple. The only way to eliminate a wrestler is to throw him over the top rope to the floor. Last man standing in the ring is the winner. I see the wrestlers are in the ring, and there's the bell. Volkoff just nailed Sciluna with a wicked clothesline. Murdock goes after Krupp, JYD tangles with Von Raske, Rick Youngblood is thrown over the top by Sugarbear Harris. Youngblood is eliminated! El Fantastico dropkicks Orton....up and over the top...Orton is eliminated! The Spoiler is standing on the apron...he's not involved in the action right now, I wonder why? Bob Roop clotheslines Terry Latham....Latham is eliminated!....Murdock & Krupp are tangled up with each other....and Sugarbear Harris knocks them both out....Murdock & Krupp have been eliminated. Watts is after Harris, as Paul Orndorf brings The Spoiler into the ring....the action is fast and furious....there goes El Fantastico...Bob Orton is still at ringside...He pulled down the rope to eliminate Fantastico....Von Raske eliminates JYD with a big German boot to the chest....Robley is gone...eliminasted by Roop. Volkoff has Ricky Fields in a gorilla press....OH....He just threw Fields onto the brawling Orton & Fantastico.....Lothario nails him with a punch, but the opportunistic Harris dumps Lothario ove the top. Orndorf & The Spoiler are really going at it, neither man able to get the upper hand for long. Volkoff has Robley...tosses him out over the top....Watts has Sciluna in trouble....and Sciluna is gone. Seven Men remain in the ring...Paul Orndorf, Watts, Roop, Spoiler, Harris, Mike George, and Baron Von Raske. The Spoiler hangs back again....Orndorff ties up with Harris, George goes after Roop, and Watts & Von Raske square off....What is The Spoiler thinking? He's got some strategy here....George & Roop are by the ropes....and there's Spoiler with dropkick....both men are eliminated! What a calculating man....never puts himself at risk, but strikes like a snake whenver someone is looking the other way. Harris charges Orndorf, who ducks, backdrop uo and over, and the big man is eliminated.....Watts & Orndorff face Spoiler & Von Raske....Akbar is up on the apron....he;s taking to Von Raske...they motion to Spoiler....Spoiler is nodding his head...what's this? As The Spoiler joined Akbar's army? Orndorf goes after The Spoiler, and Watts hooks up with the Baron. One of these four men will get the shot at the big Gold Belt.....which one will it be? The Spoiler sends Orndorf into the ropes....Akbar on the apron....he lowerd the rope! Skandar Akbar has helped The Spoiler eliminate Paul Orndorf...Watts & Von Raske are tied up in the ropes on the far side......Spoiler with a running start....DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! The Spoiler just eliminated Watts & Von Raske! Spoiler gets the shot at Dusty Rhodes this coming Monday Night from New Orleans!

Watch for more big ennouncements coming soon!

- - - - RESULTS FOR JACKSON, MS - - - 08-31-81 - - -
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from: Grey Ghost

Good Evening, Wrestling Fans. Cowboy Ghost here with you, bringing you all the action live from War Memorial Stadium in Jackson, MS. Forty Thousand people are here tonight, and this crowd is getting a great night of wrestling action.

In the first match, the high-flying El Fantastico pinned Count Michael Sciluna with a spectacular top-rope maneuver that defies description.

Next, we saw Sugar Bear Harris destroy young Rick Youngblood. This man Harris is powerful and agile! I'm sure we'll be seeing him challenging for a championship belt before long.

In the most surprising incident so far this evening, the popular team of Ricky Fields and Terry Latham scored an upset victory in our last match. It looked like Bob Roop and Mike George had a difference of opinion about their strategy, as all through the match Roop kept going to the shortcuts. It all came to a head when George tagged in Roop, but refused to hold Latham for a double team. Roop shoved George, but Terry Latham caught him with the inside cradle for the win. After the match, Roop shook hands with George, but then sucker punched him as he tried to leave the ring.

Our next match has two old enemies squaring off to settle an old grudge. I don't know what started it, but these two men fought all over Oklahoma, and now they're about to go at it again here in Jackson. Ken Mantell issued the challenge, and Buck Robley raised the stakes. I see Ken Mantell is already in the ring, and now the music "Flirting with Disaster" announces the arrival of Colonel Buck Robley. He's got that Indian Strap with him, and let me tell you, that thing is wicked. It's eight feet long by two inches wide, with a cuff for the wrist at each end. When that leather gets wet, it becomes razor sharp, and it'll peel the hide right off a man's back. To win this match, one man has to drag the other man around the ring, touching each top turnbuckle in succession. These two are really going at it. Robley had the early advantage, but Mantell got in a low blow to turn the tide. He's lashing Robley with that strap....OH...he's been busted open. Mantell is going for the win right here. He's got that strap wrapped around Buck's feet, and now he's starting that long walk around the ring. There's one turnbuckle, but Robley grabbed the rope. Mantell swings at Robley, only to catch a double boot to the chest. Mantell and referee Jerry Usher bumped heads! Usher is down! I think Buck lured him into that one. Robley is one crafty veteran of the squared circle. Uh-OH....he's doing something with that armbrace. Buck Robley just loaded up the arm, and he nailed Mantell. Mantell is bleeding, and Robley's laughing. That man is twisted, but the fans love him. Wait a minute here...Who's that running to the ring? That's Bob Orton! Oh My *** ...He just nailed Robley, and quarters went flying everywhere. Robley's out like a light. Mantell is struggling to his feet, and Orton's putting the boots ro Robley. The Referee is still down. Somebody stop this! They're setting him up for Orton's pile driver. OHHHHHH! Robley's down, and his body is starting to spasm. He could be seriously injured. Orton slides out of the ring, as Mantell revives Jerry Usher. The crowd is coming unglued! This isn’t right! The ref has no choice, he's got to count...there's one turnbuckle...two..........three...............four. This match is over, and Ken Mantell is your winner. What a miscarriage of justice. There may be serious consequences when this film is reviewed. Latham, Fields, and Youngblood have come out to help Robley to the back. He's going to need medical attention.

Our next match is the Bounty Match. A $10,000.00 Bounty has been placed on Cowboy Bill Watts. Any man that puts him in the hospital collects the cash. Nobody knows who's behind this, but I guarantee you, with that kind of money on theline, all kinds of men are going to cash in. We've already heard from The Assassins in Florida, and an unidentified wrestler from Texas. Coming to the ring now, to the sound of the Russian National Anthem, Igor Volkoff. Boy the crowd really hates this guy. Listen to those boos! And there's the music from Charlie Daniels...."In America" That means Cowboy Bill Watts, and the fans love it. American flags are everywhere! I think President Reagan would be awfully proud of all these patriotic Americans here tonight. Wait a minute! The Cowboy just charged the ring. He's not waiting for the bell, he's going right after this big Russian. Watts didn't come here to wrestle, he came to fight! He backs the big man into the corner, and those ain't forearms. Watts is using the closed fist to hammer Volkoff. Jerry Usher is trying to separate the men long enough to start the match. There it is, the bell has rung, and we're underway. Volkoff wants to wrestle, but Watts has got his fists up. Usher warns Watts about the fists, and Volkoff sneaks in a cheap shot to Watts' knee. He's got an old football injury, and this Russian is attacking the weakness. I wonder who is supplying this bounty hunter with information? Watts is down, and Volkoff is working the knee. he's setting him up for that Russian variation of the figure four he uses. What a dangerous hold...once he gets it locked in, he can break a man's leg. Watts kicks him off, and gets to his feet, but he's limping. That weak knee may be injured already. Volkoff circles his man like a shark smelling blood from his wounded prey. He got too close, and Watts takes him down with a football tackle. Watts is laying into Volkoff, but the Russian rolls him over, and know he's tagging Watts. The two are trying to take each other apart! They roll into the ropes, and Jerry Usher calls for the break. Volkoff is bleeding from his nose. I think the Cowboy broke his nose, but that won't stop Volkoff. Russian Leg Sweep! Watts is down, and Volkoff goes back to the leg, stomping away at the knee. Into the ropes, and once again the ref calls for the break. Watts is up again, but that knee has been damaged. It doesn't look like he can put his full weight on that leg. Inside Cradle by Watts! 1-----2----kickout. Watts gambled on that one, but he almost got the win. Sideheadlock by Volkoff, he turns away from the ref....He's punching Watts with the closed fist. Wait a minute...Watts seems to be gathering his strength...the fans are cheering him on with the U-S-A chant....he rams Volkoff into the corner to break the hold....Volkoff staggers back, dazed...and Watts has got him...The Oklahoma Stampede....Volkoff never saw it coming....1---------2-----------------3! Cowboy Bill Watts wins the match, and the bounty is there for another man to try at our next big show, Labor Day, live from the Thibodaux Civic Center.

Wrestling fans, it's been a wild night here in Jackson, and we've still got three championship matches left to go.

This next match is for the Mississippi State Heavyweight Title. One fall, with a 30 minute timelimit. The challenger is very popular with the fans in the Mid-South. That Bullfighter music introduces the superstar from South of the Border, Supersock Jose Lothario. And now here's the theme from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" to announce the arrival of the Champion, Bob Orton. This crowd remembers what he did to Buck Robley earlier in the evening, and they're really letting him hear about it. The bell rings, and the match is on. Collar and elbow tie up, into a side headlock by Lothario. Orton is saying his hair was pulled but Jerry Usher allows the action to continue. Jose is cranking down on that headlock, and there's a shot with the open palm to Orton's face. That's a legal blow here in Mid-South. Orton is setting his feet...there's a backdrop to break the hold. Orton shakes his head to clear the cobwebs, as Lothario gestures to the crowd. They're solidly behind this Mexican legend. Orton offers the test of strength...the fans warn Jose not to trust Orton, but Lothario isn't going to refuse the challenge. Each man strains for the advantage, but it looks like Lothario is gaining the upper hand...he's starting to force Orton down.....OH....Cheap shot by Orton with a kick to the ribs, followed by a knee to the face. Lothario's down, Orton goes for the cover, but they're in the ropes. No clean break by Orton as he continues to hammer Lothario....Bodyslam, followed by a big kneedrop...Orton is pulling the man up now...he's going for that pile driver. If he hits this, the match is over.....but Jose Lothario powered out of the move, with a back drop. Lothario's temper is starting to show. He's blasting Orton with powerful chops to the chest. You can hear those all over the Stadium. Jose raises the fist...Orton may be about to learn why they call this man "SuperSock"....but Jerry usher is on the job...he grabs Lothario's arm to prevent the illegal punch. Orton takes advantage of the distraction. He spins his man around, he's got him up....OH....Atomic Kneedrop....he's going for the pin.....he's got the tights....Bob Orton is using the tights...Jerry Usher doesn't see it....1-----------2---------------3! Bob Orton wins the match, and retains his Mississippi Heavyweight Title.

Wait a minute, El Fantastico is in the ring. He's telling the referee about Orton using the tights. Jerry Usher turns to Orton, but he denies it...El Fantastico and Jose Lothario are pointing to the fans at ringside...they say yes he did it....Jerry Usher throws up his hands. He's telling Lothario he didn't see Orton use the tights, so the decision stands. Orton laughs at Lothario.....OH....he shouldn't have done that....out of nowhere, Lothario lands a right cross that drops Orton....and that is why they call this man Supersock! Lothario leaves without the belt, but Orton may be without a tooth after that punch.

The next match is for the Mid-South Tag Team Title. The challengers, now making their way to the ring to the sound of Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries", the Teutonic Terrors, Baron Von Raske and Killer Karl Krupp. The crowd doesn't like these arrogant Germans, goosestepping around the ring and giving that Hitler salute. Hold onto your hats....that song is "Another One Bites the Dust"....here come the Champions, Captain Redneck Dick Murdoch and the Junkyard Dog! The Dog clears the ring with that chain on his collar, as Burdock salutes an American Flag at ringside. This match is one fall, with a 45 minute time limit. There's the bell, and it's going to be Murdoch against Krupp at the start. This Killer Karl Krupp is maniacal. He's injured many men, and ended a few careers in his day. When Baron Von Raske is the sane member, you know you've got one dangerous team. There's no telling what these men may do. Both are masters of variations of the Iron Claw. Krupp applies his directly to an opponent’s eyesocket. He doesn't care if he blinds a man for life, as long as he wins a match. Murdoch with the early advantage, catches Krupp with a jab, follows with a right cross, and there's a body slam as Krupp tags out to Von Raske. Fans, for some reason, General Skandar Akbar has come to ringside. He's got a clipboard, and he's taking a chair in a neutral corner. Is he taking notes? He said he's looking for somebody worthy of joining his "Army". Back in the ring, Von Raske has gained the upperhand on Murdoch. He's got an armbar, and there's the tag back to Krupp. Cheap shot on the break, and the Dog enters the ring to prevent the double team.......Jerry Usher sees him coming, and he's going to make the dog leave the ring. Turn around ref! The Germans are double teaming Murdoch...bodyslam from Raske...kneedrop from the top rope by Krupp.... He may have broken the man's ribs! Akbar likes what he sees. He's smiling as he writes something on that clipboard. Murdoch is in serious trouble now, after the doubleteam from the Germans. He's been busted open, but he's trying to get to his corner for the tag. If he can reach the Dog, this place is going to explode! He made the tag!....Somehow he dug down deep enough to drag himself over to the Dog, and JYD is on fire! He drops Raske, then nails Krupp with a headbutt, sending him through the ropes to the floor. Raske backs up as the Dog is howling in the center of the ring. Murdoch is standing in the corner, but he's not looking good right now. That was some beating he took. Raske & Krupp confer in the corner, but the Dog is tired of waiting. He spins Raske around and knocks him into the corner, but the tag is made. JYD tries to turn to face Krupp, but Von Raske trips him from the corner. Akbar is lighting a cigar, and smiling broadly. It's clear that he likes what he sees in this German team. These guys are monsters. They've gone toe-to-toe with Murdoch & JYD, and they haven't given an inch. Later in the match, JYD is rocking Raske with punches, and the German is busted open. There's blood on both sides now, as the Dog tags in Murdoch. Captain Redneck has his second wind, and he's getting some payback for those cheapshots earlier in the match. He's got Raske in position...I think he's going for his Gourdbuster. If he hits this, the match will end. I've never seen anybody kickout after a Gourdbuster from this man. He's got Von Raske up...this is it...but Krupp nails him from behind....JYD is in the ring....this is breaking down....all four men are in the ring, and there's nothing the ref can do to regain control. These four are tearing each other apart...and look at Akbar...he's laughing. What a sadistic individual he is. Jerry Usher is counting....that's it. The match was out of control, and Jerry Usher has disqualified both teams. But they're still going at it....wrestlers from the back are coming out to help pull these teams apart.

Wow. That was something, but it looks like we've got order restored here in Jackson, and it's time for the Main Event of the evening.

This match is for the North American Heavyweight Title. The challenger, entering to the sound of "Hells Bells" by AC/DC, from Parts unknown, a former North American champion, THE SPOILER! His opponent is the popular man called the Brandon Bull, the current North American Heavyweight Champion, PAUL ORNDORF, entering to "Wild Thing" by The Troggs. Boy these Mid-South fans love Orndorff. Earlier today, the young ladies were lining up to get free autographed pictures of the wrestlers, and we ran out of Orndorf's pictures. We do still have plenty of pictures of Count Michael Sicluna, if anyone is interested. There's the bell, and the main event is in progress. Both men move cautiously, feeling out the opponent in the early minutes of this all important championship match. The Spoiler is a very deliberate wrestler, and an absolute master of the human chess that is professional wrestling, the king of sports. Akbar is back at ringside with that clipboard again. The Spoiler fixes him with an icy glare. Do these men have a history I don't know about? Orndorff is in trouble already....The Spoiler rolled him up of the ropes...Jerry Usher counts ....1-----------2-----------KICKOUT. The Spoiler almost stole a victory there. This man means business. Orndorff seems off balance. He wasn't expecting Spoiler to move that quickly, and he's got to keep an eye on Akbar at ringside too. OH....that's a nasty clothesline from Spoiler. He nearly took Orndorf's head off with that one. The man is down, and Spoiler is climbing the turnbuckle. What's he going to do? LOOK AT THIS!!! The Spoiler is WALKING THE TOP ROPE! A man that big, that agile, what an incredible combination. HUGE ELBOW TO THE HEAD....AND THERE IT IS.....THE DREADED CLAW.....The Germans use the claw too, but nobody does it like this man.....Orndorff is convulsing.....his shoulders are down....1--------------2-------------------3!!!!!!!!!!

We have a new North American Heavyweight Champion! The Spoiler dominated Paul Orndorff, and won the title in 10:12. Amazing. Everyone knew his reputation, but I don’t think anyone expected this. This man is lethal. Orndorff is being helped to the back. Akbar is approaching The Spoiler...he's offering him the clipboard...what is it? A Contract? Spoilers got the clipboard...he's reading something....He tore it up! The Spoiler read whatever it was Akbar handed him, then he ripped it to shreds. He's walking away. Akbar is furious. Nobody turns the General down.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us here in Jackson for Ground Zero. We're almost out of time, but I've just been handed a note. After tonight’s events, certain matches have been signed for our next card, this Monday, Labor Day, in Thibodaux, LA. As previously announced, there will be an over the top rope Battle Royal to determine who gets the shot at WCFL Heavyweight Champion Dusty Rhodes next week, on September 10 in New Orleans. Added to the card is Mike George against Bob Roop in a special challenge match, and the Louisiana Heavyweight Title will be on the line! Cowboy Bill Watts will face Sugarbear Harris in another Bounty Match, and is this right?

A LOSER LEAVES MID-SOUTH MATCH has been signed. No time limit, No disqualification, There must be a winner. Ken Mantell and Buck Robley. Fans, you can't miss this one. After Monday Night, either Ken Mantell or Buck Robley will have to leave Mid-South.

Get those tickets now, and I'll see you at ringside!

Bill Watts TO HEAR WHAT BILL WATTS HAS TO SAY ABOUT WCFL For Pic's of Bill Watts Click Here!

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