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Bruiser Brody
Bruiser Brody


Bruiser Brody
Real Name: Frank Goodish
Alias: Red River Jack, King Kong Brody
Born: June 18, 1946 Died July 17, 1988
Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Height: 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Weight: 285 lb (130 kg)
Titles:NWA American Heavyweight title (4),
NWA Texas Brass Knuckles title,
IWCW (Montreal) World Heavyweight title ,
NWA North American Heavyweight,
Canadian International Heavyweight
Signature Moves:One Armed Bodyslam,Stalling Piledriver
Atomic Drop
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Georgia, 1981. Gordon Solie interviews Bruiser Brody. Later Brody interferes in a match between Pat Rose and Jim Duggan.

Bruiser Brody interview from Spring '77 Re: Bill Watts

The Legends of the
Old Mid-South Wrestling
also of UWF & 1980's WCW

Abdullah The Butcher, "Gentleman" Chris Adams, Skandor Akbar, Bruiser Brody, Leroy Brown, Wendell Cooley, Dark Journey, Ted DiBiase,
Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers), Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts),
Shane Douglas, Mick Foley (as Cactus Jack), Eddie Gilbert, Chavo Guerrero, Hector Guerrero, Missy Hyatt, Bill Irwin,
Scott Irwin (also as Super Destroyer), Junkyard Dog, Kamala, Krusher Khruschev, Ivan & Nikita Koloff, Kortsia Korchenko,
Ernie Ladd, "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel, Lightning Express (Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner), Magnum T.A.,
The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey), The Missing Link, Dick Murdoch, Jim Neidhart, One Man Gang, Paul Orndorff,
King Parsons, Boyd Pearce, Al Perez, David Peterson, Butch Reed, Jake Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, Big Bubba Rogers, Rock 'N Roll Express (Ricky
Morton & Robert Gibson), Jim Ross, Brett Sawyer, Buzz Sawyer, The Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Luke Williams), Dick Slater.
Rick Steiner, Sting, Sunshine, Frank Dusek, John Tatum, Terry Taylor, Jack Victory, Nikolai Volkoff, Koko Ware, Bill Watts,
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams, Barry Windham, "Gorgeous" Gary Young

Bruiser Brody
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Bruiser Brody vs Dirty Dick Slater

Junkyard Dog
Bill Watts
Gordon Solie
Skandar Akbar
"Dr. Death"
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